Do You Have An Opt-in On Your Site?

May 12, 2018

Just in case you’re not 100% sure what an optin is, an opt-in is a way for you to collect names and email addresses from visitors to your website.

You would have seen this many times in the form of a free report or newsletter subscription.

Why Should You Have An Opt-in?

We see so many marketing messages each day that “no” has become our knee-jerk reaction.

Think about it for a second…

When you answer the phone and realise it’s a telemarketer, you’re already saying “no” without even knowing what they are trying to sell you.

When you are walking through the shops and someone from a stall tries to offer you a free sample you are likely to say “no” even if you are somewhat interested because you know the free sample is their way of trying to sell you something.

If “no” is a habit, it’s better to get the email first because asking them to part with name and email compared to money is an easier sell.

If all you do on your website is try to make a sale or get someone to call your practice and you fail, then you’ve lost your one and only chance.

If you capture their name and email before they leave your site, you still have an opportunity to make a sale via email even after they have left your website.

If you also consider that the average customer takes 7-11 exposures before making a purchase you have the odds stacked against you if you want to get the job done with a single website visit.

Alternatively you could pay for those 7-11 exposures with ongoing advertising but that gets expensive.

How Do You Set Up An Opt-in?

The great news for Dental Marketing Success clients is that this is something that we can do for you. To create an optin youself, you will need to:

  1. Think of an offer that will entice visitors to hand over their name and email in exchange for something of percieved value to them.
  2. Write an attention grabbing headline that will make them want to have it.
  3. Turn the giveaway item into a PDF, video or website page so that it can be instantly delivered to people who opt-in.
  4. Setup your email autoresponder/CRM. For our clients, we use ActiveCampaign as recommended by internet marketing specialist Matt Cinnamond. Matt put together a very detailed article comparing Infusionsoft and ActiveCampaign which will give you an in-depth look at why we choose ActiveCampaign.
  5. Write a series of 7+ emails to go out to people who opt-in.
  6. Configure the emails within your autoresponder so they are delivered automatically.
  7. Within your autoresponder you will be able to create an optin form that links to your automated email series, all you need to do is create the form, add it to your site and you are ready to go!

What Types Of Opt-ins Do We Recommend?

Although there is a benefit to allowing people to subscribe to a newsletter, it’s not the first type of opt-in we would recommend and here is why.

Firstly you need to consider that a newsletter creates ongoing work for you because once you have even a single subscriber you are committed to writing and sending your weekly or monthly newsletter.

While you are building up your database you don’t want to be writing newsletters for a handful of potential buyers.

Secondly, the promise of a newsletter doesn’t satisfy people’s desire for instant gratification. The promise of delivering some “news” in a few weeks is less attractive than the expectation that you are going to answer one of their burning questions instantly if they opt-in.

For these reasons, we recommend that your first opt-in is aimed at solving one of the most common problems that your potential customers face and deliver the solution the instant that they opt-in.

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