Five Facebook Blunders Most Dental Practices Make

April 19, 2018

Nowadays from a marketing point of view it’s imperative for your practice to engage in social media, and if done correctly it can be very instrumental to its growth. Get this wrong though and it can be detrimental to your practice’s image. Of all the competing social media sites out there like Twitter, Google Plus+, Instagram, Linkedin, Printerest and Tumblr, to mention just a few, Facebook is one of the most popular sites. If your practice only has one social media page I’d strongly recommend that it’s Facebook.

What I want to share with you today are 5 blunders most practices make on Facebook and how to manage your page so that works in a positive way for both you and your practice.

So to start with think about the last time you went to a party and were chatting with someone, and all the time you were thinking of a way to extricate yourself from the conversation. Why? Because that person was so boring. Well the same applies you your Facebook page which is why this is the biggest blunder you can make is…

  1. Being Too Boring
    Make your posts interesting, engaging, fun, humorous, friendly, playful and sometimes informative. Did you notice I said “sometimes informative” and I put this last. That’s because people are looking for entertainment a lot of the time with social media and so if you put too much informative stuff up on your page you will drive them away. Sure you can make mention of the informative stuff but leave that for your main website and tell them that they can find it there. Give them a link to it (TIP: this will help increase your organic search rankings with Google). To make your page interesting you should use photos 99% of the time with a brief caption underneath. Videos also work well. You will know that what you are posting is interesting when your patients share them, comment on them or “like” them. Can’t think of what to post, then read this blog (link to blog #1) for some ideas.
    The other reason you want your posts to be engaging is the more often someone interacts with one of your posts, the more frequently your posts will appear of their Facebook wall. If this happens infrequently then your posts may not show up at all. And for this reason it’s a mistake to…
  2. Fail To Reply To EVERY Comment
    Whenever someone comments or posts something on your post it’s imperative that you ALWAYS reply. Ignoring this is considered by many online users as rude or indifferent. You can actually lose patients over this. It’s like someone giving you a nice compliment and you don’t even respond to them. It’s estimated that 15% of customers are lost to a business because they did not answer a question or respond to a comment on social media. Now the next blunder you can make is…
  3. Not Actively Pursuing Likes
    Yes, the number of likes you have matters. Not only does it make an impression but it also relates to your exponential reach online. The average user has 130 friends on Facebook so every time you add 10 likes to your page you are potentially reaching an additional 1,300 users that have some sort of relationship to the person that liked your page. As marketing is a numbers game this can be a good winning tactic. Next we have…
  4. Getting Too Technical
    To most people dentistry is not very fascinating. In fact if you look at a lot of online reviews you’ll discover that very few in fact relate to clinical treatment. Most relate to the interaction with the dentist and team members. People are looking to Facebook to determine what kind of EXPERIENCE they may have at your practice so show them how caring, friendly and fun you are, and not the correct way to brush their teeth or floss, or why they should have implants. And the biggest blunder you can possibly make is…
  5. Getting an Outside Company to Do Your Posting
    A lot of companies use automated programs to create posts or they’re just cramming a lot of dental content into the post to make it seem authentic. It doesn’t. Nothing bothers readers more than posts written by posers either. It makes them feel like you’re not being genuine with them and this is a big turn off. Rather get one of the office staff that you can trust to do a good job to handle your social media on your behalf. Sure you can participate occasionally but your time is better off spent drilling or doing procedures. I’d certainly recommend that you read what’s posted on your page.

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