What Not to Post on Facebook

April 1, 2018

I speak to a lot of dentists and office managers who tell me that they just can’t think of anything to post on a daily or weekly basis to their Facebook page.

Now remember the purpose of your Facebok page is to get customer engagement and give them a sense of how friendly, warm, caring, inviting and professional your practice is. It is not you provide them with clinical information. They can get this from your main website. And speaking of your main website, make sure that there’s a link to it from your Facebook page and vice versa. Wherever possible include photos featuring the dentist(s) and team members and try to keep any topics as light, fun, humorous and cheerful as possible.

So here, in random order are a few suggestions for you…

  1. Cartoons and funny photos. If you come across something humorous, share it. Get into the habit of snapping interesting and unique things with your phone whenever your out and incentivise your staff to do the same. People ike “sharing” these types of things and it will help to get your name out there. You could also hold a contest for all patients to see who gets the funniest shot or for them to caption some of the photos you upload.
  2. Reviews from surveys. Run an in office survey and ask your patients to write a review as part of their response. Then post the results as well as reviews on your Facebook page. This can give you huge value as people are always looking for reviews online. Notice I have made no mention of testimonials. Local legislation prohibits the use of testimonials in any form of advertising by dental practitioners, but reviews are still OK. To find out more about this you can download AHPRA’s guidelines or contact your solicitor.
  3. Your blog spots. Here you can throw in something clinical. Just provide the explanation in your blog with a link to it.
  4. Photos of happy patients. There’s no need to go into their case, just show she results. before and after photos can work wonders. Another idea is to name the patient of the day.Just remember to gain clear written patient permission before using any details of photos.
  5. Video reviews from patients. Again you can easily and quickly create these with a smart phone for instant upload. As mentioned above in point 2, be sure that you are not posting a testimonial and also get the patients permission.
  6. Sponsorships. Sponsoring a local team may not get you much exposure but you can amplify this though your Facebook posts.
  7. Fund raising. Hold fund raising events for a charity organisation. You can easily get local media coverage for this. Invite your local politicians along as well. They are always game for a photo opportunity. Now you can use this coverage and there photos in your posts. Don’t forget to also use them in your other marketing campaigns as well.
  8. Newsworthy dental events. Use celebrity photos to make comments on their smiles or anything else that relates to teeth that’s interesting.
  9. Employee milestones. New employees, marriages, births, work anniversaries, training and educational achievements. These can all make great posts.
  10. Contests and giveaways. Occasional giveaways can be great. They should have time limits to encourage people to participate before forgetting about them. They don’t have to be big. Tickets to a musical event or something specific in your neighbourhood or town are good ideas.
  11. Holiday wishes. Capture and commemorate special days like Walk To Work Day, Jeans Day or Earth Hour. There is some kind of holiday or event that you can capture or commemorate every month.

Always be mindful to no violate AHPRA’s guidelines and get a release from every patient before you post something about them. It should be in simple language allowing you to use the photo and video images as well as comments in all media, including social media in perpetuity. If they won’t do it then find someone else that will. Remember that they can say and post anything they like from their phone or tablet in your office to any site not controlled or owned by you. A good example of a site like this is Yelp.

Lastly, to fully capitalise on the full social media and SEO value of your posts, you should mirror your Facebook posts on Google+. Yes I know… more work.

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