Valuable New Opt-in Option Coming Soon

December 15, 2016

After months of planning, Dental Marketing Success is very close to launching what will be a valuable addition to our existing service offerings.

In my recent post Do You Have An Opt-in On Your Site? I explained why you should have an opt-in on your website. I also explained the type of opt-in I recommend to start with.

For some time now I have been in discussions with Matt Cinnamond who is an email marketing specialist about how we could create the ultimate email marketing campaign for dentists.

You will be able to rely on the campaigns running like clockwork because they are built on a quality autoresponder and CDM called ActiveCampaign. Matt put together a post that will explain why we chose ActiveCampaign and what it is which is worth a read.

The planning process took some time and we are in the final stages of putting it together but I believe the effort has been more than worth it.

Regardless of the dental services you specialise in, we have developed an email marketing campaign specifically designed to help you generate quality leads in your area or areas of specialisation.

Why Is This Good News For You?

Let’s be honest, you’re a dentist, not an internet marketer.

Do you really want to be going home after a long day fixing teeth to sit in front of a computer writing free reports and emails?

Not a chance. Your business will thrive if you focus on what you do best and leave the time outside of work for what it should be used for… family.

As with everything else provided by Dental Marketing Success, the email marketing funnels have been well planned and combine our marketing knowledge with our specialist dental knowledge.

Everything from start to finish has been taken care of for you. There’s no need to lift a finger or worry about a thing to get it up and running. Very soon I will be releasing the details of exactly what we have put together and when you can expect to get access.

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